Make Now Priority #1

With a voice inside the head as one true company,

I can twist and turn but cannot reverse life’s flow,

How can I set out to compose my very own symphony,

and aim to put out a stellar unique show?

If all I have is one yearning eye on the mirror of the past,

and another anxious one on the unknown unseen future,

where the value of Now comes in last,

and this goes on and on until a definitive closure.

The wheel of life is always in motion,

with no real answers to the Why and How,

Living in a beautiful blue boat sailing on a vast starry ocean,

I am a prisoner of the Present who deep inside knows that it is always now.



Balaje Rajaraman

Balaje Rajaraman

A Beginner’s Mind at Play. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Cities, Markets, Mobility!